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When millions converge on a sleepy little town in search of salvation, chaos ensues. Some call it madness, we call it the Kumbh mela. We lived through it and here are the stories we have to tell.

  • The Greatest Show on Earth

    The Kumbh Mela is a study in paradox, a meeting ground for the sacred and the profane. At the Ujjain mela this year, Arré embraced the throng. Join us on this incredible journey.

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  • The Great Indian D**k Trick

    At the Kumbh Mela, I was caught unaware by a daunting display of dicks only to realise that here, the penis is neither a fetish nor a symbol of sexual prowess. In the world of the spiritually striving, it’s a repository of sacred power and ascetic control.

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  • Holy Encounters of the Third Kind

    In a sea of saffron, it’s the yellows, pinks, and purples that stand out. At the holy Kumbh, where religion is a spectacle, the transgender sadhvis of the Kinnar Akhara play along.

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  • Humans of Kumbh

    What does it take to stand out in a crowd of a few million? We scout the most interesting personalities at the most colourful fair on the planet.

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  • The Leftover Godmen

    The words Dalit sadhu are in themselves a bit of an oxymoron. Why is a tribe of men at a holy event tied together by virtue of caste? We go to Valmiki Ghat to find out.

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