• toswearinfrontofkids Zero Fucks Given! Why It’s Okay to Swear in Front of Your Kids

    I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in the name of motherhood but swearing is the one vice I hold on to like a life raft. While most mothers I knew transitioned to using questionable substitutes like sugar or fish in the presence of their kids, I haven’t been able to do so.

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  • empathy Why It is Important to Raise Compassionate Children

    There is an urgent need for compassion in the world as a resource. It’s evident everywhere; looming news of possible wars, trolls on social media, abject inequality in standards of living, the swell of mental health problems. How does something as basic as kindness get neglected to this extent?

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  • parentingteenagerchildren Why You Should Let Your Children Make Mistakes

    When I see my daughter making the same mistakes I made at her age, I long to rush in and take over the reins of her life. But I remember how I dug in my heels, how rebellious I felt when my parents tried to do this with me, and I hold back. Sometimes, you just have to let your children make mistakes, even mistakes that you know for certain will break their hearts and leave them in pain.

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  • Parenting What Does It Take To Be a “Super-Dad”? The Barest Minimum

    Men have had it easy literally everywhere, from jobs to a simple task like walking down a street. It comes as no surprise that even parenting is easier for them. What’s worse is that the little that they do in raising the child is seen as a great feat by society.

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